Saturday, 28 May 2011


Just read it...just random things about me.

1) This. Is not as random as I'm trying to show it to be. As a matter of fact, it took me jolly good two hours to gather these things in my mind.

2) I just wrote 'thongs' instead of 'things' in the earlier bullet! :D

3) I really sometimes feel that my maid is a super hero in disguise. I mean works about...stealthily? Almost like she's on some secret mission.

4) My neighbor men living wali AUNTY calls me 'BILLI'! 

5) I think my best friend(s) can read my mind. O.o

6) I don't know who my best friend(s) is/are though.

7) Earlier, when I used to watch power puff girls, I would always wish that Blossom becomes bald some day. I guess I envied her!

8) I prefer guys with estrogen. (No really! I know one too!)

9) I absolutely LOVE it when people tell me I'm special(That's in a good way. Or maybe not? ) Or try to make me feel special! 

10) If you'll ever ask me what I want for my birthday present then prepare yourself for not receiving a modest, sly 'Oh nothing at all' from me!

11) I'm secretly dating BATMAN! 

12) After reading Twilight for the first time, every night I used to keep my bedroom window open in the hope that Edward might just pop in sometime!

13) I used to watch 'Kahaani ghar ghar ki' with my mother!

14) I find the word 'Cannibal' very CUTE!

15) Right now, I am seriously pissed with more than five people. That's five VERY VERY important people I'm talking about. :|

16) I find it extremely annoying when people define red nail paint as 'Slutty red'! Or denounce you as one just because you have applied it!

17) I still LOVE Barbie dolls! And hold a strong belief that they are way more AWESOME than stupid Hot-wheels! :-p

18) If things continue being so messed up in my social life as they are right now, I swear I'll start wearing a BURKHA very soon. (Thanks Prerana for the idea!)

19) My keen insights tell me that you are utterly bored. My abject requests to you to please bear with me...

20) And friend of mine and me are the rulers of a planet called POOKY!

21) POOKY exists! 

22) I just hate the word 'Literary' as I still, yeah STILL fumble over it!

23) I apparently just read the word 'Denial' As Dee-nee-al.

24) I outsmarted Master of the Universe. And that too in his own field of excellence! SCIENCEEE! :D

25) I have this friend of mine, who once said 'Pata hai, mereko jab thand lagi na toh mene apni NIKE (Special emphasis on Nike) KI JACKET aur PUMA ( Stress again) pehan liya!' 

26) If you ever ask me which is my favorite movie I'll say MUGHAL-E-AZAM! :D 

27) According to me, all dogs should be kicked out of this planet! 

28) After the first time I read The Witches by Roald Dahl, I was so petrified that I started doubting even my MOTHER of being a witch and would demand her to show me her feet before coming close to me ( Those who haven't read, according to the book witches don't have toes! Just square feet!

29) I want a tamed Minotaur as my pet! :D

30) Erm.. My keen insights haven't yet provided me with something brilliant. :|

31) But hey! I think Snow Whit is prettier than Cinderella! ;)

32) I LOVE POKEMON! Yeah even NOW! Gotta catch 'em all POKEMON!
Team Rocket! Jiglee puff! Misty! (Not Ash! :p)

33)  I'm often made fun of among girls because I watch Dragon Ball-Z. Well I wont say I don't care. Its sad but then hey! It's much much MUCH better than what they watch! (Paris Hilton's new BFF- and doesnt even stand for Big Friendly Giant which is a book name by Roald Dahl! Oggy and the cockroaches! Bleh.)

And if you are still reading then you seriously deserve a BIG HUG! :D
And you can breathe out your sigh of relief because I don't know  what else to write. So I'm stopping!

Its the card I recently made for Prerana! :)


  1. O_o
    you're an absolutely retarded entity. an awesome-ly random one at that XD

  2. 8. LOL.
    28,31,32,33 - I couldn't agree more. :O